Ramanashram – where all the hype is overwhelmed by experience..

Shri Ramana Maha Rishi is a great enlightened master lived on the planet earth and attracted spiritual seekers from all over the world towards him, until 1950 when he left his mortal body. Even after that he and his teachings are celebrated by all the spiritual seekers and other enlightened beings too..

But i could clearly see that his popularity reached maximum mass (both locally and worldwide) only when the great celebrity actor super star Rajini Kanth spread words about Ramana Maharishi and his teachings in all his public appearances, meetings and film award shows.

He emphasized the importance of meditation all the times. Rajini has a good role in transforming his countless fans spirutually. As a teen then, i was amazed with all these stuff and increased the frequency of my meditations. Since then i had a great quest to know more about Ramana Maharishi and aspired to visit his Ashram in Thiruvannamalai.

After few years luckily i got a good chance to visit Thiruvannamalai with my family and all my relatives. I used that opportunity to visit Ramanashram. I was really amazed to see a bunch of western disciples guised in white robes and dedicated themselves to deep meditation and Ramanashram service. But more surprise was waiting for me inside the main meditation hall where we could find Ramana Maharishi’s Samadhi and his black stone statue in meditative state.

I could clearly feel as i entered the Hall, all my Karmas are getting dissolved and my mind is entering into a intense peace state and my being started tuning to complete harmony with the Rishi. I never experienced it before in my life and having these few blissful thoughts in mind i sat in front of the statue (Ofcourse hundreds were in asana at that time along with me). As soon as i made my asana, i started my meditation. I am practising meditation from my school days itslef. But i am sure when i sat in the ashram i am going to have a diferent meditation experience than before. And yes i started experiencing what my instinct said just now. It was like a small stream of river merging into a Ocean. I literally felt the Energy of Ramana. Deep into my meditation i am able to clearly feel that Ramana is hugging me and dissolving my karmas. I was not able to comprehend what i experienced at that moment. Only after few days i am able to realize that i was in a blissful state in the presence of an enlightened master. And surely it was my initiation (my first Satthori experience). Only then i realized that Ramana Maharishi is a living master!!!



  1. MalaRaja · November 3, 2008

    me, Mrs.MalaRaja from madurai. i need some peace of mind & some good health. please suggest me what i shud do.i s there any chance for me & my son Master S.Abishek Raja, to come & stay there & have meditation course? what would be the cost for everythijng for a week or so for both of us or three of us. [along with my husband mr.Rjaja.] all the three of us need meditation.

  2. Arun · November 4, 2008

    Hi, Good to hear that you want to visit the ashram. There are facilities for the guests to stay there and practice meditation. Its much affordable for anyone to stay there. But you say for a week, so please go to the Ramanashram directlly and get the guidance from the ashramites. I wish you and your family gain good health and spiritual experience by staying there. Visit http://www.sriramanamaharshi.org/ramanasramam.html for the ashram details.


  3. Pavan · July 28, 2009

    Hey Arun,

    Lovely experience you had sir…

    You are so gifted…Blessed..

    I donno…when i can experience this type of bliss full ness.

    its wonderful man sharing with alll of us.


    • Arun · July 28, 2009


      Thanks for the comments Pavan! God is so graceful that he gifts everyone with lot of love and gives them their own time to gain such experiences. I could say you can live the life intensely every moment instead of postponing and waiting for something to happen! Suddenly you will see you have had a lot of such experiences which are memorable. Hope you could also share with us all!

      God Bless You!

      Life is purposeless: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNyQwjspcGU

  4. Sarah · December 10, 2009

    I had a glimpse of Samadhi and Shiva’s mountain. I live in the US and I want to visit. I hope the timing will be right so that I can make the most of my trip. What is your advice to an American pilgrim?

  5. Sridhar iriventi · July 29, 2011

    I have been to ashram many times and stayed there. have been busy in worldly chores and I am gradually disentangling and clearing my worldly desk. I want to spend months together or perhaps longer around his samadhi doing my sadhana/yoga/self enquiry/meditation . And with out worrying about how long I will be allowed to stay in the ashram and make way for other devotees.

    Given the administrative constraints at the ashram, I am serioulsy considering an option of acquiring land and build self sustaining ( solar electricity,biogas , water from moisture/rainwater harvesting, vegetable and fruit growing,cow shed etc), natural habitat near the ashram and the mountain. I look forward to partner with people who are interested in similar lines and make a meaningful adventure “inside”.

    Even if you are not, you may connect me to any one who is thinking in similar lines. You can be a catalyst.

    Thanks for reading it through !

    Namo bhagawathe Sri Ramanaya

    Sridhar Iriventi

    • William · January 18, 2013

      Hey Sridhar …… have you settled in Ramanashramam…..I am considering too….Pl let me know….

  6. Arun Elhance · January 17, 2012

    I too had the great privilege and divine joy of staying at the Ashram for 5 days during Nov 2011. It was a most wonderful experience. I am preparing to go and stay at the Ashram or nearby for longer and longer periods of time until I am ready to move there permanently. I know that Bhagwan said there is no need to visit or live in the Ashram since He is everywhere but I need the physical proximity of the place where I have His living spirit. I could feel why He said that Arunachalam is the center of the spiritual universe.

    Malraja &Sarah: To stay at the Ashram, the best thing is to write to them in advance since accommodation is limited and demand is high most of the time. The stay and food there are cost-free but you can make a donation. There are no formal meditation courses as such: one has to do so oneself as inspired.

    Sridhar: I have the same idea of living in a devoted community around the Ashram, but not very soon. Perhaps we can keep in touch and see how things develop.

    Anyone wishing to go to the Ashram: I strongly recommend a lot of reading of His works and some works about Him before going to the Ashram. It helped me a lot in deep meditations. The essential reading in my opinion is the publication “Nan Yaar” (WHO AM I) available on the Web.

    Wishing everyone the best in their respective journeys.

    Arun Elhance

  7. HanaPipers · February 8, 2012


    • Arun Elhance · September 21, 2012

      I have been meditating and reading profusely but have not written for a long time about Bhagwan or the Ashram. I plan to be at the Ashram from October 4 for an indefinite stay.

      I know that it will be a wonderful experience and time in every way, and I am eagerly looking forward to meeting as many kindred souls as I can. So come along!

      What more can “I” say!

      Arun Elhance

  8. Arun Elhance · September 21, 2012

    A Poem

    A frog in the Well

    By Arun Elhance

    There once was a frog
    Who lived in a well
    When asked why he did so
    He could not tell

    When pressed for an answer
    He would only say
    This is where I was born
    This is where I will stay

    Once in a while he saw the sun and the moon
    And sometimes he saw stars in the nightly gloom

    His days were the same
    So were the nights
    Given to swimming, eating and sleeping
    Nothing new came into his sight

    Then one day
    A bird came by
    Full of joyous chirping she cried
    “Come with me
    I will take you to places you cannot imagine
    I will show you things that your soul desires”

    But the frog was afraid of losing his bearing
    In strange places, among stranger things

    So he stayed in the well
    Where slowly but surely
    His life expired

    But then his soul took to flight
    To where the bird was patiently waiting
    And now they fly together
    Without any wings

  9. William · January 18, 2013

    Hey Arun,

    I am considering staying in around ashram for an extended stay…..are you already settled down there? Any ideas Please let me know….my email: freedominself@gmail.com

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