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Shri Ramana Maha Rishi is a great enlightened master lived on the planet earth and attracted spiritual seekers from all over the world towards him, until 1950 when he left his mortal body. Even after that he and his teachings are celebrated by all the spiritual seekers and other enlightened beings too..

But i could clearly see that his popularity reached maximum mass (both locally and worldwide) only when the great celebrity actor super star Rajini Kanth spread words about Ramana Maharishi and his teachings in all his public appearances, meetings and film award shows.

He emphasized the importance of meditation all the times. Rajini has a good role in transforming his countless fans spirutually. As a teen then, i was amazed with all these stuff and increased the frequency of my meditations. Since then i had a great quest to know more about Ramana Maharishi and aspired to visit his Ashram in Thiruvannamalai.

After few years luckily i got a good chance to visit Thiruvannamalai with my family and all my relatives. I used that opportunity to visit Ramanashram. I was really amazed to see a bunch of western disciples guised in white robes and dedicated themselves to deep meditation and Ramanashram service. But more surprise was waiting for me inside the main meditation hall where we could find Ramana Maharishi’s Samadhi and his black stone statue in meditative state.

I could clearly feel as i entered the Hall, all my Karmas are getting dissolved and my mind is entering into a intense peace state and my being started tuning to complete harmony with the Rishi. I never experienced it before in my life and having these few blissful thoughts in mind i sat in front of the statue (Ofcourse hundreds were in asana at that time along with me). As soon as i made my asana, i started my meditation. I am practising meditation from my school days itslef. But i am sure when i sat in the ashram i am going to have a diferent meditation experience than before. And yes i started experiencing what my instinct said just now. It was like a small stream of river merging into a Ocean. I literally felt the Energy of Ramana. Deep into my meditation i am able to clearly feel that Ramana is hugging me and dissolving my karmas. I was not able to comprehend what i experienced at that moment. Only after few days i am able to realize that i was in a blissful state in the presence of an enlightened master. And surely it was my initiation (my first Satthori experience). Only then i realized that Ramana Maharishi is a living master!!!



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